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El Camino Real 13:41

Directed by Juliana & Nicola Rowlands

Cinematography by Juliana Rowlands

Produced by Giraffe Productions in Association with Penny Black House

Music by Ari Balouzian

Cast: Bronte Schwier, Chris Yates, Dorth, James Weir, & Ola Adriana

Costume Design by Monica Adriana

El Camino Real, named after the historic highway spanning California's coastline, is a surrealist film about the Hollywood star machine and a girl's journey to the peaks of Tinseltown; climaxing in the desolation of a dream.

The cyclical nature of El Camino Real, ending where it begins, questions, how do we differentiate, if at all, between real life and the spectacle of real life; between the nightmare and the dream?

This girl, the protagonist, Ola Adriana, arrives in Lalaland bright-eyed, naive, and desperate for the screen; a yearning to be larger than life. She is swooped by Hollywood big shot, Mr. Bookowski, and fast tracked through the 'Star Factory'. It's a horror story, pretty-young-thing with talent and a vision, is subsequently manipulated, screwed, re-tweaked, re-wired and spit out by fame and it's puppeteer's.

Awards/Film Festivals

Best Experimental Film, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2014

Official Selection, Santa Monica Indie Film Festival 2014